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Planning to sell your property

Selling a property can be time consuming and stressful. You have to deal with the process from the start to the final closing at the notary. Many people lack time and expertise in order to be successful. As a seller, you ask yourself how much do I sell my property for, how long will it take and where and with who should I advertise?  This is where Henston Estates can offer you a bunch of  solutions, so that the sale of your property is successful. Our aim is to provide you with a professional, confidential, trustworthy and reliable service. With a team of multilingual professionals on hand to assist you with all aspects of selling your property in Spain. We take care of advertising your property, handing over the keys to the buyer and find you the right buyer. 

What we offer:

  • Accurate appraisals / valuations based on inhouse tools and  the current property market situation
  • Visit your property and take photos of your property
  • Advertising using multiple channels such as our webpage,  real estate portals and social media
  • National and international marketing using a network of partners especially in Germany, focusing on German buyers
  • Marketing in multiple languages
  • Apply for energy certificate if necessary
  • Check of your property documents and support in updating
  • We accompany buyers and/or sellers with personal and professional comprehensive support from the inquiry to the date the sale gets closed at the notary

Required Documents: 

  • Escritura (purchase contract)
  • Cédula de habitabilidad (certificate of habitability)
  • Energy Certificate (EPC)
  • If available floor plans of the property
  • DNI or NIE and Passports or Identity cards of the vendor(s)
  • Nota Simple (land registration certificate)
  • Catastral certificate (tax office certificate)
  • Certificado de no infracciones (town hall urbanistic report)
  • Last utility bills
  • Last Suma IBI and Basura (annual property and rubbish collection tax) receipts
  • Communal fee payment certificate (where applicable)

Expenses and taxes when selling:

  • PLUSVALÍA, which is paid to the local municipal of the property for the increase in the value of the land. The assessment basis of the tax is the increase in value of the pure land value since the time of the last change of ownership, regardless of the sales proceeds (Assessment period is max. 20 years). The tax burden results from the cadastral value of the land, the duration of ownership and the calculation factor of the respective municipality. The tax liability of PLUSVALÍA must be paid to the tax office within 30 days
  • Capital gains / speculative profit tax,  the tax amount is the difference between the purchase price and the sales proceeds. The purchase price results from the purchase price paid, ancillary acquisition costs, e.g. notary fees, purchase taxes and improvements such as extensions, which can be proven by invoices or other verifiable investments. The sales proceeds is the sum of the notarized purchase price less tax, notary, lawyer and brokerage fees. In the case of non-residents (EU Residents), 19% tax is charged on the net profit charged. For residents, the tax rate varies depending on the amount of profit from 19-23%.
  • Broker / Agent fees,  agent fees are paid by the vendor and vary around 5% of the sale price. 
  • Possible deed updating,  it is not uncommon that after the legal due diligence additional buildings / pool are missing have to be updated in the deed.

Sell your property

Planing to buy a property in Spain

Who does not know this feeling, sitting on the beach in the bright sun, enjoying the view of the blue Mediterranean sea, smelling the scent of pine trees, enjoying a cool drink and wishing to stay longer in this relaxing place. With over 300 hours of sunshine a year and a flight time of less than 3 hours, it is not surprising that Spain is a very popular travel and emigration destination. 

Whether it’s a holiday home, a second home or a primary home, we’ll help you make your dream of living on the Costa Blanca come true. Instead of just spending a few short weeks on a sunny beach in summer, a vacation home promises vacation in your own 4 walls whenever possible. The Costa Blanca, with its mild climate, is an ideal place to live, especially for retirement.

What we offer:

  • Assistance and accompaniment to necessary administrative procedures such as NIE, financing, bank accounts etc…
  • Show you the area and give you first hand market insights and trends
  • Individual tailored viewings according to your needs 
  • Assist you with translations 
  • Guide and assist you with financing topics such as mortgages etc.. 
  • Support you with public suppliers such as water, electricity, Internet, gas etc… 
  • With our network to the best solicitors and tax advisors we can direct you the right experts to help you with your tax declaration, SUMA, documentation check-up etc… 

Required Documents: 

  • Apply for N.I.E. (Spanish tax number, cost approx. 150 €)
  • Open a Spanish bank account
  • If necessary. apply for a mortgage / loan, for non residents 60% LTV is max. leverage
  • Check property registry (Registro de Propiedad) if it is in accordance with  the Escritura (purchase contract)
  • Check tax and service payments such as IBI , water , electric and gas bills and community charges etc…
  • Cédula de habitabilidad (certificate of habitability)
  • Energy Certificate (EPC)
  • For the notary appointment, identification, NIE, Escritura, land register and an inventory list, as most properties sold furnished.

Expenses and taxes when buying:

  • ITP (Impuesto sobre transmisiones patrimoniales), which is the land transfer tax / purchase tax in the amount of 10% of the purchase price

  • AJD (Impuesto sobre Actos Jurídicos Documentados), which is applied when you buy new build properties and it is basically a notarization tax of 1% of the purchase price

  • Notary fees, usually you can expect costs around 0,3% of the purchase price

  • Fees for solicitors & gestors, usually you can expect costs around 1 % of the purchase price

  • Bank Charges, depending how the purchase price is paid by transfer or check the bank will charge a small fee. If a mortgage has been taken, then a service chare of 1% is usually applied

Total expected expenses :    approx. 12,5% of the purchase prices.


Running / operating cost of a property

  • Property tax (IBI)
  • Non resident tax (IRNR, Modelo 210)
  • Wealth tax, (impuesto sobre el Patrimonio), starting from 700.000 €
  • Charges for electric, gas, water, insurance, community fees etc..

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